Personal Training

Team Wawryk is ready to train you; offering a training service that is suitable for the beginner and experienced athlete. In addition to individual training sessions we also offer group sessions. All personal training is done at Fitness Focus gym in Saskatoon, but we are also available for home training should you have the correct equipment.

Fitness Plans

All of our plans are tailored toward the individual and their goals. To create a custom program, we have clients provide a variety of information; including past exercise experience, health history, and goals. Packages can range from 12 weeks to 52 weeks.

Nutrition Planning

When trying to achieve a fitness goal, it is not enough to simply rely on exercise training; proper nutrition is required. Team Wawryk can work with you to build a series of nutritional recommendations to complement your exercise program.

Weight Gain/Loss Coaching

Coaching is the ‘all-inclusive’ option for the client looking for the Fitness Plan with Nutrition. Additionally, Coaching includes on-going support with your trainer. Packages can range from 12 to 52 weeks.

Contest Prep Coaching

The ‘all-inclusive’ Coaching option the athlete with the physique competitor (Bikini, Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding, and Fitness). Contest Prep includes Coaching for 16 weeks with Fitness Plans, Nutrition guidance, and resources provided covering all the details to best prepare the athlete for their upcoming show.


One-hour phone or in-person information sessions are available with your trainer. A Team Wawryk Pro Trainer is ready to talk to you about your own individual fitness goals and help you discover solutions to reach them. Consultations can be an initial information session or a follow-up or check-in session with your trainer.

Our Trainers

Vince Wawryk


Jessica Moekerk

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Benefits of Cardio
	• Reduces fatigue
	• Improves energy levels
	• Reduces depression 
	• Reduces stress and anxiety 
	• Enhances self image
	• Slows the effects of aging
	• Improves sleep
	• Improves mental acuity
 * helps strip body fat

Go Rush Go
How time flies

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