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Russ Buhr



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Hey I’m Russ Buhr, an ISSA certified personal trainer for Team Wawryk Pro Trainers.  I have a passion for fitness at all levels and believe deeply in building a balanced lifestyle where fitness fits into our regular routine and becomes something we do because we love it. 

Teaching you how to do this is my job, weather you need to lose 100 lbs or you want to step on stage at any level, I can provide you the tools to do so.  I myself was morbidly obese and started training for the simple reason of becoming healthier.  After losing 100lbs I won the Saskatchewan  Novice Masters Body Building class in 2013.  Since that time I have become the Provincial Masters Champion in Body Building in 2015 under the coaching of Vince Wawryk (owner of Team Wawryk Pro Trainers).  In 2016 I competed at the national level in masters middle weight body building. 

There’s much work to do to build my own dream physique and I have lofty goals for myself in the future. This personal drive is key to also helping you reach your goals as well, no matter what they are.  I offer one on one personal training, meal plans tailored to your body type and lifestyle, and year round coaching to keep you on track or get you to the stage.  I also offer contest preparation for the novice to national level competitors.  My number is (306) 221-3783.

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