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Vince Wawryk



trainers-vince1-medI grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I was very active in sports, mainly hockey and football. After making the high school football team, I decided to pick up my first dumbbell in the high school gym to add a little size and strength. I continued to train for football. But my passion for the sport of bodybuilding grew.

I began reading everything I could get my hands on about the sport of bodybuilding. Through the manipulation of diet and varying training strategies, I began to put on muscle in all the right places.

After graduating, I attended SIAST Kelsey Campus for Power Engineering. Shortly thereafter, I was hired on at Saskpower. Bound to start my new career, I packed up my gym gear, protein powders and a couple boxes of Flex magazine and headed south to Estevan.
 After nearly three years in Estevan, I moved back to Saskatoon to be closer to my family and girlfriend Tracy. Tracy and I were married in 1996. We have four children, all boys, with the youngest being twins. After a 10-year stint in Prince Albert, where I worked for Saskpower along with owning and operating a tanning and nutrition business, we now reside in Warman.

Through the chaos of work, raising four kids, coaching hockey, and moving. I never put the dumbbells down. I entered my first bodybuilding contest in 1991. In the past 20 years I have dedicated my life to the sport. I am currently running a nutrition business out of my house called Muscle By Mail. I am the vice president of the Saskatchewan amateur bodybuilding association, along with being a national judge. I have now teamed up with Fitness Focus to provide one on one personal training. This brings me to the last and final stage, TEAM WAWRYK PRO TRAINERS. I created Team Wawryk in May of 2010. Due to an overwhelming volume of clients wanting assistance to gain or lose weight. I am fortunate to have Steve Burns, Chris Pylypchuk and Jamie Polson providing there expertise in training, nutrition and supplementation

I continue to research new information regarding diet, training and supplementation. I practice what I preach and I continue to grow not only in size but in knowledge.

My motto has always been – Compete Against Yourself

I tell my clients not to worry about somebody else on stage. Work towards doing better than you did the time before and if you do that, you will learn to grow and ultimately achieve your goal.

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